Modafinil is a medicine in the class of analgesics (medicines used to stimulate breathing and circulation). Once in the blood, modafinil crosses the tax-brain barrier (goes into the brain) and lasts for about 12 hours.

The effects of this medicine are not fully understood, but some of them have been scientifically observed.

Modafinil increases histamine levels

Histamine is a mediator produced by the human body and plays an important role in the pathogenesis of various disease states in many vital functions. Its best-known role is op involvement in the body’s allergic reactions.

In the central nervous system, however, it acts as a mediator involved in arousal processes. Therefore, modafinil, for example, by increasing histamine levels reduces drowsiness.


Partial inhibition of dopamine, glutamate and norepinephrine reuptake, followed by increased production

Drugs like amphetamine and cocaine work in the same way. The effect is that the person becomes very focused and not focused on something, it is difficult to be disturbed by foreign stimuli.

But unlike conventional psychostimulants, modafinil has a low potential for serious abuse and does not develop dependence among first-time users.

Suppression of GABA secretion

Gamma-aminobutyric acid is the main central nervous system inhibitor. Suppression of it will lead to a reduction in the blocking processes of the centers. As a result, a decrease in GABAergic tone leads to an increase in dopamine levels.

Rise in IQ

One effect I do not fully understand. The IQ is related to acetylcholine, but modafinil has little or no effect on it. Therefore, it is not known how this drug improves brain function and your cognitive functions. Op possible that after a long time this may cause some side effects.

Risks of taking modafinil

Risks of taking modafinil

Despite the positive properties of modafinil, its side effects are very significant. They are relatively more common than most other nootropic agents, but it should be noted that the efficacy of modafinil in the context is stronger.

The most common side effect op headache: 34% of all side effects.

There is also a risk of severe depletion of the body. Regular lack of sleep, which is stopped by taking Modafinil, leads to serious disorders and imbalances in the body.