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Evident Footprints host Don Nicoloff - guests Judy Andreas and Holly Avila, February 27, 2008

The Investigative Journal Holly Avila and I will be guests on September 13, 2007 - Hour 1 and 2
Guest Host Judy Andreas has a lively discussion with Holly Avila; learn what Pearl necklaces mean to the ruling elite."

www.arcticbeacon.com June 13 2007
2nd Hour Guest Barry Chamish.

Evident Footprints Don Nicoloff, Judy Andreas
June 14, 2007

The Jeff Rense Program rense.com May 29, 2007

Liberty Radio host Greg Szymanski -
Judy Andreas and Holly Avila midnight May
18, 2007

The American Awakening host Michael Herzogg April 13, 2007 3:00 pm EST

The National Intel Report April 9, 2007 with guest host Don Nicoloff

The Investigative Journal host Greg Szymanski, Republic Broadcasting Network, March 30, 2007

The American Activist February 24, 2007 (from 911 Accountability Conference in Phoenix)

Current Issues.tv host Dr. Tillawi January 2, 2007

Feet To Fire December 31, 2006

The American Activist December 15, 2006

"Question Everything."


The American Activist September 28, 2006

The Jeff Rense Program rense.com
September 11, 2006

National Intel Report host John Stadtmiller Monday August 21,2006

Red Ice Radio host Henrik Palmgren August 13 2006
to listen click Henrik's picture

The Larry Grant Show August 3, 2006
KKUP Santa Cruz, CA

The Greg Moore Show May 21, 2006 Kitz1400

Greg Szymanski March 31, 2006 RBN

The Jeff Rense Program rense.com May 15, 2006

Current Issues.tv host Dr. Tillawi May 11,2006

Greg Szymanski May 9, 2006 RBN

Rick Adams Show April 7, 2006 RBN

The Power Hour March 3, 2006 GCN

Deadline Live host Jack Blood GCN

American Voice Radio Network Feb 2, 2005

In addition, thank you to Don and Ingri for publishing my articles in the Idaho Observer

Steve and Sophia's Morning Show WRCR a.m.
January 31, 2005

Maya Nash Show WRCR Radio January 20,2005

The Rick Adams Show RBN December 12, 2005

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Sustainable World
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Environmentally Friendly Information
and Technology"

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Arctic Beacon
Greg Szymanski's Totalitarian America, and
The Vatican

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Pray For People Who Hate

Judy Andreas 2007