from "Judyisms: Through the Eyes of Essayist Judy Andreas"


Unhappy Fourth Of July, America. Are you ready for your annual celebration?

As you don your party hat, take a good hard look into the mirror of your soul. Do you like what you see? Can you beautify the face of hypocrisy with a chorus of The Star Spangled Banner?

On holidays such as this one, I long for those blissful days of my childhood; those days when the Fourth of July meant a joyous celebration of birth. We had claimed our independence from Great Britain and a new world (without the word "order" ) had been born. America was our land of opportunity and people came here to realize The American Dream. When did the dream morph into a nightmare? And when will we wake up?

What will you be doing on July 4th? Will you be singing "God Bless America"? Will you be barbecuing large hunks of flesh and washing them down with a "cold one"? "Pass the genetically modified cob of corn, please"

Will you be frolicking at your picnic, ooo-ing and ah - ing as fireworks flash over the evening sky? They are far more attractive than the daily decoration of chemtrails.

Can you play The 1812 Overture loudly enough to deafen and deaden the sounds of the devastation that is being done in our name?

Can you close your eyes tightly enough to blot out the pictures of the mutilated bodies of death and dying as we bring "freedom" to other lands?

Wave your Chinese made American Flag and we will all play "Let's Pretend".

I regretfully inform you that I will not be attending your party this year. My holiday spirit died along with The American Dream. And while you are singing "and the rockets red glare", try to forget that others will be listening to the "bombs bursting in air".

Judy Andreas

"Good-bye America ... you are not the country that I love, and I finally realized no matter how much I sacrifice, I can't make you be that country unless you want it."
Cindy Sheehan


Thank you so much for sending me your book. I sat down and read it cover to cover. You are a great essayist, a great writer. The book is wonderful. I'm proud of you.

Dear Judy
What a thrill to turn the pages of your fascinating little book. Looking forward to reading (and in some cases, re-reading) your work.
Much love,

I started reading your book, Judyisms, and cannot wait to tell you that I don't know what to say!! Are you a real person in flesh and blood ? or I am imagining things ?
Are there angels living on earth (angels meaning 'honest, truthful, pure, correct, and just')?
Your writings are deep and to the point. I am
savoring your book, and enjoying it very much.
Thousand thanks

Judy, I admire your courage and will to stand up and be counted. At the end it will be the ones like you, Ellen Seigal, Miriam Adams, etc., that someday will save this planet from falling off the cliff.
P.S. I thank you on behalf of my two daughters.

Dearest Judy,
Congratulations on Judyisms. Your summation here: "There is a great divide and it is growing wider with each passing day. We have reached crisis proportions. Divided we will certainly fall. It is imperative that we look beyond the labels and the stereotypes. Jews and Gentiles alike are being manipulated by diabolically clever strategists."
This, dear Judy, is correct. Consider also that the Koran has also been twisted by those who seek to defile truth, amongst other things in their evil agendas. There is no doubt in my mind that if this continues, it will most certainly bring desolation, as these dastardly deeds are abominable to the Great Spirit, from which we are but molecules, yet indeed necessary parts of. Don't ever forget that you and I and others will never be divided for we are always One.
Thanks for carrying the torch of truth. May you continue to do so. I hope to someday take my turn, but for now I must simply be the seed hidden in the earth, preparing for my time to come forward in a more recognizable fashion. Onward dear Judy, Onward!
As Always.
Take care, Beware, and in Wellness Fare, D

I am an odd sort of bird. I don't fit into any neat category. I am deeply religious (Muslim) but believe the entire way it is practiced has been corrupted. I am staunchly anti-Zionist...but no longer engage Zionists in dialog because it drains energy...and Zionism has become a cult. I used to be a staunch Palestinian nationalist...but believe that nationalism starts us on the road to fascism...

I have not written an essay or article in over a year. My business needs me and I was not having much impact...so I thought. But despair is all around us and I try to be a voice of hope. Hope and faith for me are "cousins". Once Zionism recedes, I believe with all my heart that most Muslims and Arabs will have very little trouble with Jews. Ignorance and confusion has led many to only detect one heartbeat between Zionist and Jews.

May God bless you and your efforts toward humanity. Your heart and mine beat close to one J

The contents of your book are serious, I know that. But your heart is so big and warm and so much of it is in the book, so the Truth that emenates from every single word of yours, will give a new dimension of Magic to this Old Memory of mine: The Dimension for Truth, that will help transform that part of Mankind, who is open enough to Life to be saved. For that I will forever be grateful to you!
I wish you the BEST of HOLIDAYS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR as I join the group who thinks: "Judy Andreas is just plain wonderful!"
Indeed you are!
With Love/Astrid

Got the book already! Treasure it already... I'm so thankful for you and your writings. I believe you're a part of the redefining of our world that
is going on and will change it forever, or at least keep up with it as it changes. You have helped me to see what I was trying to see. I know I was led to you. Much more to come! And especially, thank you for your courage, which inspires me toward my own.
Always, Steve

Judy has a knack for using wit and humor to bring us to the pont, and often-times that is to criticize the status quo and the obvious flaws in our capitalistic, corporate-dominated society. She does an excellent job of making common sense out of controversial topics that most people wish to avoid for fear of ridicule.

I highly recomment getting a copy of this book. It's one you'll want to pick up and read again someday.
- Ann Ulrich Miller of The Star Beacon

Dear Judy
Since reading your articles.....i have spent hours upon hours reading and researching the internet. With much regret and consternation i have to admit you were right and how can i have been so wrong for so long...

Keep up the good work my friend... you are saving jewish lives and others as well by making a difference..
Highest regards,

Hi Judy
I normally wouldn't do this, but this is an excellent article on how the real world works. If nothing else it proves it's never been about "Jewish" or "Gentile", it's about how clever and insidious the "corrupt" and the "extremely corrupt" can be. This is really for deep background. For god's sake, don't change your writing style. Your ability to personalize and humanize will help bring people together. These scams only work if they can divide people with twisted syllogistic ideology.

A note of thanks for your books! I am enjoying the many gems!
A true truth-seeker's delight.
"Never cease in the fight for peace, justice, and equality for all people."
Love & Blessings, Shallel

Auveline Robinson

dear judy
i have been reading your articles and your thoughts regarding our world today, and i have fallen in love with you. gives me another reason to be proud of being a woman

my name is basirat and i am a pakistani muslim. i grew up in saudia arabia. i really appreicate what you are doing. i really love honest, truthful people like you. i am sure you probably get lots of hate mail but don't worry, truth always wins no matter what. my prayers and support are with you. may Allah protect you and guide you and my you always be successful in your work.
take care

My hubby says your writing is flawless, you should be a reporter.

Judy Andreas 2007