from "Broken Dreams and Shattered Promises"

by Judy Andreas

You beat me up with empty words and promises then broken
Betrayal came with words withdrawn
Though much was left unspoken

You sent me off to fight your wars
For reasons I opposed
And when I came home sick and maimed
The doors were all slammed closed

I begged for help but none did come
When fever wracked my brain
And ghosts of those whose lives were lost
Had driven me insane

Yet still I dare to dream the dream
Of how this world could be
and while I've breath, I will not cease
to fight for you and me

by Holly Avila

Hurricane scalar weather wars
Lying media corporate whores.
A missile, no plane hits the Pentagon
and all video evidence quickly is gone
World Trade Center basement explosions,
covered by shocked, patriotic emotions.
Burning jet fuel cannot melt steel.
Silverstein's billion dollar insurance deal.

Box cutter phony hijack distraction,
Blind war mongering knee jerk reaction.
Grieving mother's sincere protestation,
Royal Saudi business infestation.
Bush livin' easy high on the hog,
Like some ass kissing Illuminati lap dog.
Jeff Gannon's frequent White House sleep-overs,
CIA drug running under the covers
Clinton's lucky Bilderburg breakfast,
Hillary's new pearl choker necklace.
Arkansas' hidden covert air strips
Triangle shaped flying space ships.
MK delta and the Montauk boys
Bush Sr's secret little boy toys
Microbiologist suicides
H5N1 genocide.

Verichip mandatory national ID
Mind and mood control technology.
Starvation and torture at Guantanamo Bay
For democracy and the American Way.
Haliburton and Carlyle Group doing well,
Liberty and justice going to hell.
The truth can still set us free,
I'm just the messenger, don't shoot me!

by Judy Andreas

We scaled the wall of differences and found that sacred place
Where hearts could beat as one, and love it knew no race
Where history was quiet and now was all we knew
and in the depth of union
It was just me and you

But life came back with violence
and crushed an open heart
And in the storm of discontent
We knew we had to part

This life is but a moments dream
and when this dream is done
We'll wake up to eternal truth
We were indeed all one.


"It's a one of a kind collection... and
how does one describe unique?! "

Jeff Rense www.rense.com

"You are a sister of mankind.
A heart and mind
experiencing life
but more importantly
Feeling it beyond
and showing how much so...
we are not alone"

Pamela Icke - poet, writer, wife of David Icke

"You are not alone... and if you feel lost?
Let's find our way together."


"I LOVE the book..absolutely adore it. I felt so
many emotions in "A Part Time Job". And "That
Groggy Montana Morning" was so moving. It's
great. THIS is the one. Thanks for my copy. I will
read it over and over."

Maya Nash at "Mind Over Matter"

"A thought-evoking collection of writings that
glimmer in the mind long after read. The
powerful drive toward truth each writer
expresses resonates with every word - the raw
emotion stringing each together. Broken
Dreams & Shattered Promises' is a book to
digest slowly and deeply".

Sophia Salis Kelter- AM Broadcast Journalist,
Co-host Morning Show

"Your book is a symphony of humor and the
biting fangs of reality".

Joan D

Judy Andreas 2007