archive 36: February 20, 2008
Cast Your Vote ... To the Wind?

The election is coming.  (yawn) Everywhere you look and listen, you can hear the promises and platforms of the hopefuls. Are you going to cast your vote for the person who promises to breathe life into this dying country?

Recently, I watched a video in which Jordan Maxell sharpened my vision through etymology. And so, in the Maxwellian tradition, I looked up the definition of the word "cast".

"Cast"  is defined as a group of people acting in a play or film. How appropriate. The election, as far I am concerned, is nothing more than theater. Call it what you may, but do not trick yourself into believing that your vote is going to make a difference. To an aging cynic like myself, this whole fiasco is reminiscent of a Broadway show. Les Miserables? The Lion (lying) King?

As usual, there appears to be little that is "candid" about the candidates.

Initially, many people threw the proverbial hat into the ring. (a little circus terminology)  However, as the days became months, several dropped out, and now, all that is left are the "serious" contenders. Among them are ...... a woman. (or a reasonable facsimile) a person of color ( to the uninitiated, this appears to be progress) and even someone to appease the Patriot Movement. (who is Ron Paul?)

"Ron Paul, is he still running?" A local radio host asked me not long ago.   Ron Paul was not even on the ballot at this Host's local polling place.

And, of course, there is John McCain, affectionately (?) called "the nut-job from Arizona".

An often asked question is "How many people vote?"  Google took this question to the next level:   How many people vote for the US president compared to how many vote for American Idol???

The answer, which you have probably guessed, is that the total number of votes in the last election for the president was 122,293,547, while the total number of Idol votes each week is about 40 million
No comment needed.
And so, the campaign limps along toward November. On that long awaited day, the candidate that was chosen at the last Bilderberger meeting will emerge from behind the curtain.

An Internet personality recently said to me:
"This agenda is above politics, as is the machinery which brings this Brave New World seamlessly together. Hundreds of NGO's shepherd us along the new green path, paid by the big foundations, interwoven with CIA, MI6 and all the rest. No one person could change this because it is a collectivist war where people give their power to a side or group that "speaks for them."

However, this election may distinguish itself. Perhaps it will be remembered as the "most ridiculously early-starting contest in the history of US politics."

"One of the problems will be keeping the voters awake. Political campaigns are, by tradition, dozers," says DC veteran Wes Pedersen, who runs an eponymous firm in Washington.  "And this time candidates have so much more time to convince people that they are dullards."

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