archive 33: August 8, 2007
Hillary 2008: The Year of the Lizard
Will Hillary Clinton be the next President of the United States? Sorry, folks, but it certainly appears that way. As " Bozo the Clone" is being set up for a "one way ticket to Crawford", Hillary Clinton is slithering towards the oval office.

I caution the feminist readers not to begin applauding prematurely. Hillary has reinvented herself from the good old days of granny glasses and women's rights. The Ms. has become a Mrs. and soon hopes to become a President.

It seems like only yesterday that Hillary was championing the rights of the Afghani woman and justifying the invasion of Afghanistan to help their status. What happened to THAT Hillary and what happened to the Afghani women? Has anyone been monitoring their liberation?

Has "Hillary the Hawk" looked lately at the women in Iraq? What has the Corporate Agenda done for them? Look at Africa where women and children are starving as a result of this Corporate Agenda. Are you aware, Mrs. C? Do you care, Mrs. C?

With verbal agility, Hillary has done cartwheels on the Israeli/Palestinian question.
Isn't this the same woman who, as First Lady, supported Palestinian statehood and hugged Yasir Arafat's wife? Isn't this the same woman who made a violently anti-Israel speech and had been known to call Clinton campaign workers efing Jew-bastards?

I guess Mrs. Clinton realized that such behavior was not in the best interest of a candidate for Senator of New York State. It certainly is not the proper strategy with which to capture the Presidency in 2008. And so, Hillary flew directly to Israel where she praised the "separation barrier" being built along the edge of the West Bank. Separation barrier? Is that what you call a 30 ft high solid wall with electronic fences? It's more like a Warsaw Ghetto, Mrs. C. Observe the service road and another fence and a 13 ft deep trench. There's a special road for armed personnel, and you can imagine what their duties are. A "separation barrier" sounds like something I fashioned to create a dining area.

While she was in Israel, Mrs. Clinton praised Ariel Sharon's work for peace. PEACE? Is that why they call him "the Butcher of Lebanon"? Was he handing out beef briskets to the hungry Lebanese? What about the killing of the Palestinian refugees at Sabra and Shatila camps in Lebanon under Sharon's watch? UN Resolution 194 guarantees all Palestinian refugees the right to return, and yet, Ariel Sharon refuses to implement this resolution. In addition, "the butcher" has turned a deaf ear on countless other resolutions denouncing the Zionist occupation of Palestine. Mrs. Clinton, you are starting to make George Bush sound good.

et's travel back in time to the year 1991. Remember when four members of the New York Hasidic community of New Square were convicted of starting a fake religious school with 1,500 fake students? They embezzled $40 million in federal Pell grants. This tidy sum wound up back in to the New Square community. I remember this well, since New Square is only about 25 minutes from where I live.

In August of 2000, Hillary visited the New Square Hasidic community. She had a private meeting with a Rabbi named David Twersky. Since it was "private", one can only speculate as to what took place at that meeting. Perhaps Hill was interested in converting.

In the year 2000, the election results surprised everyone. (well, almost everyone) Two Hasidic communities near New Square went for Lazio 3,500 to 150. However, New Square voted for Hillary 1,359 to 10. Imagine that !!!!! Hillary got 99% of the vote. In December 2000, just a month after the election, the Clintons met with the community leaders from New Square where they apparently "cut a deal". The religious couple gave the "men of God" a break and the embezzler's sentences were commuted to time served.

And, speaking of a "religious" woman, in January of this year, an article by Francis Harris appeared in the Telegraph. It was entitled "Gasps As Hillary Woos The Anti-Abortion Vote."

It seems that ole Hillary made an appeal to right wing religious groups. She said that she sought common ground on abortion and described herself as a praying person (preying?) She praised religious groups which have run chastity campaigns for young people and backed W's Faith Based Initiatives. Perhaps Mrs. Clinton had had an encounter on the Road to Damascus.

Recently, Peace Activist, Cindy Sheehan urged Democrats not to support "pro-war Democrat" Hillary Clinton for president, saying "she sounds like conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh in her support for U.S. efforts in Iraq."

Citing Hillary's comments to the Village Voice that a pullout would mean U.S. troops had died in vain, Sheehan complained:

"That sounds like Rush Limbaugh to me. That doesn't sound like an opposition party leader speaking to me. What Sen. Clinton said after our meeting sounds exactly like the Republican Party talking points I heard from Senators Dole and McCain."


Yes, I am afraid we are in for a rough ride, friends. And here you were, happily awaiting the exit of Bullwinkle and Snidely Whiplash.

The Hillary Clinton Presidency will be marketed as an end to war, but please do not be fooled by this clever verbal manipulation. President Hillary will not only have all of the American troops, but she will also have NATO troops and an International Force which is being put together as I write. It is likely that she will have a total of 350 to 400,000 troops at her disposal. Ms. C and her velvet glove Administration will probably call them "peace keeping forces", but do not be fooled by words, dear readers. Rest assured that the troops will continue to bomb with the same Depleted Uranium and shoot with the same bullets, as they engage in their "peace keeping" missions. But will you be any the wiser? Will the press tell you what is being done in our name?

he stage is set and the bumper stickers are already available. However, it is not only your bumper that will be STUCK, friends. (And, speaking of "stuck", it should be apparently clear to even those Americans who are in delta stage sleep, the reason Mrs. Clinton stuck by her man)

So stay tuned, my friends. The drama will continue after a short intermission to rid the stage of "played out" actors. George W is about the shape shift into Hillary Clinton. And, just when you thought things couldn't get worse, welcome to the era of "touchy-feely" fascism.

Copyright 2007 Judy Andreas