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The Holy Babble (July 30, 2006)

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It was Sunday morning and, had it not be for the New York weather inferno, I would have headed to NYC to the Cathedral of St John the Divine. I love that place and always feel good after attending their services. The "love energy" is very much present. I have heard the Dalai Lama speak there, as well as Thich Nat Hahn. The place is truly awesome, visually and spiritually.

And yet, because of the heat, I initiated Plan B and decided to go to a New Jersey Church that I had not attended in many years. I recalled how it had had a great rock/praise band and a funny Pastor. "Was that a worthy reason to attend?", you ask. O.K., admittedly it was a silly one, but I figured that I could filter out the parts of the morning that did not appeal to me. Oh how wrong I was.

As I entered the Church, I noticed an American Flag and an Israeli Flag on the stage. Had they sent the Palestinian Flag out to be cleaned? This was not a good sign.

The sermon began with the Pastor making some innocuous comments about the weather. From there he segued into how we were in the beginning of the "end times" He talked about the war as well as "natural disasters" such as meteors and asteroids. Whew, .I breathed a sigh of relief. So far, so good. I had been there a half hour and the pain had been minimal.

And then...........all hell (whoops....how inappropriate in a church) broke loose. It started with a comment about the "brilliant" (his words) Condolezza Rice and how the press had manipulated an action of hers to make her look bad. My friends, Condolezza Rice does not need any help. She is perfectly capable of "looking bad" on her own. I shook my head back and forth.

But it grew worse. The Pastor began talking about 911. He tugged at the heartstrings of the gathered flock.

"How many of you lost people on that fateful day"?

He refreshed our memory with visions of the innocent jumping out of the windows of the World Trade Center. He was leading us somewhere and I shuddered to think. And yet, I could not have guessed where his runaway train was careening. The "wreck" occurred when he began trashing the 911 American Scholars Symposium which had been held in Los Angeles in June and shown on CSPAN Saturday night.

Pastor R launched into his full frontal attack. " I saw a symposium on television last night. I don't remember the man's name and I do not want to remember it."

My hand waved wildly in the air. His memory lapse had inspired me. I wanted to scream "ALEX JONES, radio talkshow host, documentarian and investigative journalist" but I exercised my weakest muscle, self control.

"This man blamed Israel for 911" Pastor R. continued.

"HUH? I, Judy Andreas, saw the Symposium twice last night and must have missed that part. As far as I could see, the only reference to Israel appeared to be the flag displayed on the stage near the Pastor.

Was I too distracted by Physics Professor at Brigham Young University, Steven E. Jones', compelling talk about the 911 PHYSICAL EVIDENCE for arson? Was I too absorbed with Jim Fetzer , publisher of many books on the government's criminal activity and the founder of 911 Scholars For Truth who gave a compelling talk? Was I too engrossed in Retired Air Force Lt. Colonial Bob Bowman's discussion? After all, Bowman had asked hard hitting questions such as "If the government has nothing to hide, why is it hiding everything? Why has it confiscated the evidence and hid the tapes? Why did it ship off all the forensic evidence to China?" Perhaps the "Israeli reference" had come while I was busy following Webster Tarpley's brilliant contribution on "state sponsored and criminal false flag operations"? Mr. Tarpley is the author of "George Bush:The Unauthorized Biography" as well as "Synthetic Terror, Made in USA." No, I had not missed the reference to Israel, because there had not been one.

Pastor R neglected to mention any of the anomalies that the esteemed panel had so eruditely described. What about Norad standing down? What about the evidence for Controlled Demolition? What about the "pulling" of Building 7, which had not been hit by a plane but had molten metal underneath? What about the insider trading leading back to the CIA? What about the "supposed" highjackers who are still alive and have been photographed and interviewed? What about the suspicious cell phone calls? And on and on and on.

I was gripped with a sickening sensation. How could this "Holy" man have missed so much hard evidence? How could he not be questioning the official story? How could he not begin to have at least a glimmer of suspicion that 911 was an inside job?

Although the "House of Satan's Production" was not over, I felt an outburst welling up inside me and realized that if I did not exit, stage left, I would be escorted out of the room. I stood up slowly and deliberately, taking a long time to leave the room, hoping to call attention to my departure. In the parking lot, I regretted that I had not done a great deal more to publicize my truth, but, at the same time, my higher parts knew how futile it would have been. And so, as I sadly drove off, I realized that there would no more trips through this Church's "doors of deception."

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a reputation for never "giving up" on people. On Monday, I will send Pastor R a copy of The Report of the Citizens Commission on 911 compiled by my friends at The Idaho Observer.

I know that I can never give up. The US has gone from being a "shining light" to the most hated Nation in the world. We are warring all over the Middle East on pretext and lies. We are causing death and destruction to countless innocent people. We have swallowed a lie and have traded our liberty for tyranny. And, if 911 was indeed an "inside job", what is to prevent the perpetrators from doing another one? Where will it end? Use your imagination. We must expose the truth about 911 before it is too late.

Distracted and disgusted, I sped home, my thoughts obscuring the climbing speedometer. A policeman brought me back to my senses and, after an impassioned appeal, he let me go. Perhaps he intuited that I had suffered enough.


Matt James Proves That There Is No Place Like Home
(for schooling)
(July 25, 2006)

A Review by Judy Andreas

Homeschooling Odyssey by Matt James should be required reading for every parent. It provides an exciting and rewarding alternative to public school education. It offers hope for the parent who is mired in a world of defiant teenagers, drugged youngsters and bored students.

This family's personal odyssey began when Matt enrolled his young daughter Jenny in first grade in a public school Jenny was a young bookworm with a passion for reading. And so, when Jenny's teacher told Matt and his wife Barb that Jenny was struggling with her reading, they were incredulous. What had happened to that bright eyed youngster's love of literature? How had her reading skills, vocabulary and enthusiasm regressed? Matt went to the school to investigate the reason for this complete disintegration in Jenny's performance.

In Matt's words:
"I went to the school and spent a couple of hours reviewing the elementary readers. As I read, my eyes opened wider and wider. I had assumed the purpose of the reading curriculum was to stimulate the juvenile imagination and teach reading skills. Instead, I saw material saturated with, to borrow another parent’s language, “an unadvertised agenda promoting parental alienation, loss of identity and self-confidence, group-dependence, passivity, and anti-intellectualism.”

As he read the stories and poems in Jenny’s readers, Matt was astonished to discover that they were alive, in their own way, with the theories and practices of Pavlov and Skinner. Jenny was being programmed !

"Animal dads, moms, and grandparents were portrayed over and over in various combinations as mean, stupid, unreliable, bungling, impotent or incompetent. Relationships with their children were almost always dysfunctional; communication and reciprocal trust were non-existent. A toxic mom or dad, for instance, might have stepped in to help our youthful squirrel repair his wagon, only to make matters worse and wreak emotional havoc in the process. "

The stories constantly portrayed parent/child relationships as strained, cruel, and/or distant. After a thorough investigation, Matt determined that he had not only uncovered Jenny's problem but he had, in addition, uncovered the cause of American's illiteracy crisis.

Matt determined "It is the reading curriculum in our schools. Unfortunately, the damage to children appears to extend way beyond reading failure. One wonders if the hidden agenda in the readers has created our victim culture, a generation of withdrawn and resentful children, alienated from themselves, their parents, society, books and ideas."

Jenny's first grade experience convinced Matt and his wife to pull her out of school.

In the spring of 1981, toward the end of Jenny’s first year in school at home, the family moved a few miles onto some mountain acreage. The nearest elementary school was ten miles away. It was small, with maybe 10 students per grade level.

"We spoke to the second-grade teacher about the possibility of Jenny attending school the following year under special conditions. We proposed that she read from books of her choice, that she not be tested for comprehension, and that she be challenged as far as possible in math and other subjects."

The teacher was wonderfully cooperative and went along with their suggestions as well as providing some of her own. Jenny's second grade experience was a positive one thanks to the supportive and cooperative teacher.

However, Matt and Barb were not as fortunate when Jenny entered the third grade. This teacher was resistant to their suggestions and told them that she had been teaching for twenty-five years, and knew how to deal with parents like them. She would require Jenny to work out of third grade readers and math texts along with her classmates.

Barb and Matt removed Jenny from public school for the second time. Since the nearest private school was approximately thirty miles away, "home" became their school once more.

A momentary snag occurred when the superintendent of the local school district refused to sanction their homeschooling decision. He made some flimsy arguments about public school attendance and socialization. Matt and Barb wondered why the junior high school had such a problem with drugs and pregnancies if schools were such great factories for socialization.

Homechooling presented challenges for the family but it was also filled with rewards. In Matt and Barb's experience, the rewards far outweighed the challenges. Yes, Barb had to travel great distances in an effort to maintain Jenny’s friendships and to keep her involved in dancing and swimming. In addition, the family had to make sacrifices to sustain Jenny's academic growth, but Jenny was, at the same time, afforded opportunities that the average school child does not receive.

Matt describes: "The woods and meadows provided infinite fascination. Wild animals abounded: deer, elk, grouse, pheasants, pileated woodpeckers, blue jays, hawks, owls, coyotes, porcupines, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. In our homeschool, the outdoors—with its sights, sounds, smells and seasons—was a curriculum in itself."

As Matt recounts the story of his "Homeschooling Odyssey" he relates:

"Looking back, it seems that Barb and I instinctively nurtured and protected the unbounded passion for life that was burning in the eyes of each of our children, as it is in all children, on the day they were born. We supported this birthright when it collided head-on with the defining institutions of our age. Our kids were not born to be bottle-fed, day-cared, reared by the boob tube, or dumbed down in pubic schools. We have been rewarded for allowing our parental instincts to operate. Without knowing, we were laying the foundations for our children to grow up as best friends to each other and to us - as lights bright with curiosity, creativity, industry, and love. "

The homeschool experiment confirmed for Matt and Barb the great truth found in novels by authors such as Alcott, Dickens and Tolstoy. It confirmed what was written in their heart of hearts from the first day. CHILDREN ARE BEST RAISED BY LOVING PARENTS.

"Homeschooling Odyssey" by Matt James, is both heartwarming and educational. It provides a wonderful alternative for parents who are presently struggling with the inadequacies of their public school and the dramas of their children's chaotic lives. However, parents must be ready for to meet inherent challenges with creative solutions and loving patience.

Matt and Barb conclude:
"The results have been wonderful. Now that a few of our kids are grown, I can tell you that homeschooling works, and it is rewarding in more ways than we ever imagined."

Don't miss the opportunity to journey along with Matt and Barb in their "Homeschooling Odyssey" It just may change your life.


More Ritalin, Ma (July 22, 2006)

"Why don't you write about something that is ruining my generation?" My son asked. I pondered the plethora of possibilities.

"Which thing?"

"Pharmaceuticals", I replied.

I hardly knew where to begin. As a retired Caseworker, I had had first hand experience with the drugging of our young people. The array of prescribed pharmaceuticals would fill up a medicine chest no less an essay. I decided to begin with one popularly prescribed pill, Ritalin.

My mind drifted back to 1995 when I first began working for Child Protective Services. I had been called to investigate a case of child neglect. The investigation always commenced with a visit to the school to question the child. I called the school and arranged to meet the child in the nurses office.

When I arrived at the Nurse's office I noticed a long line of children.

I asked, "Why are these children lined up?"

"They are here for their Ritalin", She replied nonchalantly. They have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The nurse's demeanor was the antithesis of what I was feeling.

When did ADD and ADHD reach epidemic proportions? Where had this "problem" been when I was teaching in the New York City School System? Where had this "problem" been when I was attending school? I could not believe my eyes and could only suspect that some great hoax was being perpetrated on our young people.

Ritalin is methylphenidate, a central nervous system stimulant. Paradoxically, it purportedly quiets down the hyperactive child and makes him manageable. And yet, there are many people who question whether or not Ritalin truly works and whether or not there are long term consequences of putting a child on, what amounts to, Speed. The consensus is that about 80% of the children who receive the drug experience a quieting effect. I wondered if that was true. http://www.omnipotentchild.com/chfive.html

I began to research some of the available studies. Many of them put an entirely different spin on this supposedly "harmless" pharmaceutical.

Granger et al, from the Department of Psychology of the University of California at Los Angeles report a study in which they enlisted ninety-six undergraduate college students to view and make judgments about videotaped play sessions. These were videos of two different ADHD boys playing an interaction game with three normal peers. One of the target boys was on Ritalin and one wasn't. (See Grander, DA, et al., Social Impressions of Methylphenidate Effects on Hyperactive Children’s Peer Interactions,” Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 21: 67-81.)

The observations of these undergraduates were evaluated and more negative than positive behaviors were detected. The interesting thing is that the "negative behaviors" were strikingly different.

The negative ratings for the placebo child (the one not getting Ritalin) reported three behaviors:


The negative ratings for the Ritalin child also reported three behaviors:

social inhibition
submissive behavior.

The question arises: When a child is reported to be better on Ritalin does “better” mean more compliant, less aggressive, and less disruptive?

For a teacher trying to control a room full of students, compliance and passivity are considered "desirable" qualities. However, are these the qualities we want to foster in our children? And what happens when these children grow into adulthood? Does Ritalin create critical thinkers and inventive contributors? Or, does Ritalin start our youngsters on the path to drug dependency?

In another study, three covert antisocial behaviors were measured: stealing, destroying property, and cheating. Ritalin was found to reduce the incidence of the first two, but it increased the incidence of cheating. The authors speculate that this is because Ritalin enhances task involvement. (See Hinshaw, SP, Heller, T, and McHale, JP, “Covert Antisocial Behaviour in ADHD,” Journal of Consulting Clinical Psychology April 1992 (60/2): 274-81.)

At the end of the day, Ritalin may be have a calming affect, but it may also involve changes you or I would hardly label as improvements.

Many parents go along with the recommendation of the school and doctors. They do not question whether this drug will have any side effects or long term consequences. According to the head of psychiatry at the Vancouver Children's Hospital, Ritalin is not even as dangerous as aspirin. To me, this merely calls into question the safety of aspirin. (See the report in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area newspaper the Tri-City News, 26 August 1990.)

Further investigation reveals that the above is a gross understatement. The fact is that Ritalin has many known side effects. Some of them may be rare but others are quite common. Some of them are extremely serious. How many psychiatrists or school personnel tell parents of the possible consequences of the mummifying of their kiddies?

In a publication called Methylphenidate (A Background Paper) published in 1995,and available through the DEA, a few of the side effects were listed. They included palpitation, tachcardia, increased blood pressure, insomnia, psychosis, dizziness, headache irritability, Gilles de la Tourette’s disease, tics, nausea, anorexia, dry mouth, weight loss, and growth delay.

Reports of psychotic reactions are rare but have occurred. Leukopenia, caused by poisoning of the bone marrow, is equally rare. Deaths from Ritalin have been reported as a result of teenagers crushing Ritalin pills and injecting them intravenously. As for whether this drug is addictive, I have heard that some adolescents have now taken to snorting Ritalin.

I know a young man who was put on Ritalin as a child. And now, at 22, he is in a constant struggle with pill and drug addiction. Another friend of mine has a daughter who was given Ritalin in Junior High. She has been in and out of rehabs in her 20's. Is this merely a coincidence? I seriously doubt it. Giving kids Ritalin to improve their behavior may help to make them more docile, but at the same time, it teaches them to look to drugs for the solution to life’s problems. In addition, it may habituate them and make them drug dependent.

And now for the million dollar question. Are there really such conditions as ADD and ADHD and can they be "fixed" with a pharmaceutical?

It seems to me that we have lost sight of what childhood is about. It seems to me that we have lost sight of what teaching is all about. Is it really about having a classroom of 30 submissive students sitting silently? Is it about teachers who are forced to pressure their children to get good grades on standardized tests? Is there any excitement and love of learning left?

I seriously doubt whether there are any miracle drugs for squirming and boredom. And one thing I will say for certain, "Speed" is not the answer. It is not a life enhancer, it is a life reducer. Ritalin robs the child of his vitality and a great deal more.

Parents have been lied to. They've been told that their children have a neurobiological disorder. They've been told their children have biochemical imbalances and genetic defects. On what basis? Is it because they fit into a checklist of Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms, which is just a list of behaviors that teachers would like to see stopped in a classroom? Because, my friends, at the end of the day, that's all it really is. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/medicating/experts/exist.html


'Bridges TV' Collapses (under pressure?) (July 15, 2006)

Dr. Hesham Tillawi is a Palestinian American who hosts a program called Current Issues TV. It is seen each Thursday night on Cox Cable in Lafayette, Lousiana. The show has become Internet success with thousands upon thousands of listeners tuning in each week.

Dr. Tillawi provides a place in which Palestinian, and other Middle Eastern concerns, can be discussed. His guests have spanned the spectrum from Congressmen Paul Findley, author of "They Dare To Speak Out" to Mordechai Vanunu, an Israeli nuclear technician (and whistle blower) who spent many years in prison for divulging the extent of Israel's nuclear weapons' program to Alan Watt, whose "cutting through the matrix" is thought provoking on many levels. Dr. Tillawi has had a vast assortment of people pass through his Internet doors. Israel Shamir, talked freely about the racist politics of his native country, Israel. Dr. Norman Finkelstein, talked about his controversial book "The Holocaust Industry". The parade of guests has been lengthy and learned.

And yet, do not, for one minute, get the impression that Dr. Tillawi is anti-Jewish. His problem rests with Israel and its treatment of the Arabs and Muslims. This was demonstrated quite clearly recently, when he had a male and female on his show who made racist comments about ALL Jewish people. Dr. Tillawi was quick to defend Jewish people and show the hypocrisy of those guests.

Towards the close of 2005, Bridges TV, a Muslim owned channel, began airing Current Issues. It became a huge success and, by the end of May of 2006, Bridges was showing Current Issues five times a week.

"We were getting rave reviews", stated Dr. Tillawi. "Of course, for a program to be shown five times a week, it would have to be a resounding success".

Then, in May of 2006, the proverbial "other shoe" dropped. Dr. Tillawi was informed by Aasiya Zubair, the Director of Programming at Bridges TV, that some of the "Jewish cable operators" located in the areas of the country receiving Bridges, had complained to them about the program. She also told him that one of their editors had been fired for not editing some of Current Issues programs by removing certain material that they found "offensive to Jews." In addition, Dr. Tillawi was informed that viewers had been complaining about the contents of the show. He was incredulous.

"How could the majority of 'Muslim customers' have changed their minds overnight?"

He had been getting nothing but positive feedback from the viewing audience. The show was presenting Arab and Muslim issues and was wildly popular.

When Dr. Tillawi questioned Bridges and asked for some proof of their allegations, they could produce nothing. He shook his head in disbelief.

"It's a shame that a channel claiming to be friendly to Muslims would remove the only show being broadcast nationwide that tells the truth about Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Islam, etc" Dr. Tillawi said sadly. "Bridges can only be built on truth and sometimes that truth is ugly".

A matter of concern to all Dr. Tillawi's viewers is the disturbing "coincidence" that occurred shortly before Bridges burned theirs with Dr. Tillawi. The Anti Defamation League added Dr. Hesham Tillawi's name to their list of most "notorious anti-Zionist, anti-Semites. This begs the question "Did Bridges get any pressure from the ADL to drop Current Issues TV?"

Dr. Tillawi has no plans of going "gently into that good night".

He was resolute. "Now the gloves are coming off and we are not going to worry about whose toes get stepped on when it comes to the truth".

Copyright Judy Andreas 2006