archive 12: September, 2005
Opening Up Jewish Eyes (September 30, 2005)
My position is not an enviable one. I am a daughter of Jewish parents who grew up with a conventional set of beliefs. Although I never had the "chosen people" nonsense fed to me, I was conditioned by certain factors in my childhood. My Jewish education was paltry at best, perhaps because my sister and I preferred to "sleep in" rather then to attend Sunday school. And yet, I was given the usual "there's an anti Semite under every rock" warning. I had a meal of fear and paranoia served up with my weekly brisket.

My mother once told me about a woman in the family who had married an Italian fellow.

"Every time they fought, he called her a kike." I don't know whether or not it was a true story. I don't know if it was merely my mother's way of keeping my leash attached to her so that I would not stray from the clan. After all, she had been tormented as a child and called a "Christ Killer." I suspect that, on one level, she was motivated by motherly love. And yet, I believe it was her "fear" which played a more significant role. Unfortunately for Mom, "fear" was not a teacher whose class I willingly attended, and as I grew older, forbidden fruit developed a sweet fragrance.

As my sister and I aged, our rebellious natures emerged. We experimented with psychedelics and dated all types of people. I do not believe it was a personal vendetta against my parents. I do not believe it was an "I'll show you" statement. It was, I believe, intellectual curiosity and a need to make my own mistakes that accompanied me along my journey; and mistakes I made - although I prefer to call them "learning experiences." In the words of Frank Sinatra (or Paul Anka) "I did it my way." Religion, parental warnings, government statements and rules were not blindly accepted. They had to make sense to me, and they rarely did. I grimaced when some authority figure told me, "It's true because I say it's true."

My mother was a Zionist who, as she grew older, used her coloratura soprano voice to sing at fund raisers. She claimed to be an atheist. My father had been raised in an orthodox family and opted to become a doctor because he had witnessed the excruciating death of his mother from esophageal cancer when he was but a young boy He was truly motivated by the desire to help. Dad was an old fashioned doctor who made housecalls but never made a great deal of money. Those who have read my essays know the details of my past. Since my purpose is not to bore you to tears, I will resist the urge to describe my upbringing in great detail.

Although I was raised on the usual Jewish diet of paranoia, I found myself extending my circle of friends to all colors and belief systems. It was the time of the sixties, and since I was a Greenwich Village hippie, race and religion were never factors in my friendships. As Martin Luther King said, "It was the content of ones character" that attracted me.

In those days, I was not a political animal though I listened attentively as my parents and older sister discussed politics. When JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcolm X were assassinated, I tried to silence the "still small voice" within me. I began a foray into the world of spirituality and clung to my innocence. However, like a withering branch, it was destined to snap. And, snap it did.

I found myself in an upside down world in which such horrors as Waco, the Mena Arkansas drug drops, and the OKC bombing awakened me from my somnolence. Though I concentrated on spirituality I could no longer silence my inner voice. Something was deadly wrong on Planet Earth. I knew that all my meditation and acts of kindness were not enough. As an inhabitant of three dimensional reality, I had to find a balance between the mountain top and the valley.

And, though many years have passed, I still strive hungrily for that balance. Maybe I always will.

On September 11, 2001, my little world was knocked off its axis. I quickly found myself among a group of 911 truth seekers who could not accept the government's official fiction of Arab highjackers with boxcutters flying planes into the World Trade Center. A new chapter of my life had begun. I wanted to share my beliefs with friends.

I recall the first time I spoke about David Icke to a churchgoing woman with whom I'd taught.

"But he's a Nazi" she warned me as she sent me a disinformation website.

"Have you ever read his writings or seen him speak? I inquired.


Case closed. I realized that my newfound information was not going to be easily accepted.

Next came my reeducation about the country of Israel. I was dismayed to learn that it was not the "lone democracy in the Middle East" anymore than Lee Harvey Oswald was the "lone gunman." who assassinated John F Kennedy. I was shocked to see the myth of " A people without a land ...and a land without people" smashed before my eyes. I was horrified to learn that Israel was a racist, apartheid state. I was heartbroken as I read about the massacres and systematic elimination of the Palestinian people, and the twisted fiction that the history books had placed in front of our eyes and between our ears. I saw the myth about how Israel had taken desert land that had been occupied by a nomadic group of savages and turned it into a productive fertile oasis explode before me. Once again the history books had become a fiction of the most devastating distortion proportions.

I read Ralph Schoenman's book The Hidden History of Zionism and listened to Ralph and his wife Mya Shone's radio show "Taking Aim."

The Israelis had seized the Palestinian people's citrus groves, olive trees, rock quarries and homes. They had brutalized the peoples of that area. They had eradicated farmers, artisans and town dwellers and substituted a work force composed of a settler population. The history of Palestine was one of unspeakable suffering and subjugation, armed displacement, massacre and expulsion.

Through Ralph Schoenman, I learned that Rabbi Fishman had presented a map to the UN's select committee on Palestine based on Theodore Herzel's diaries. It declared Eretz Israel stretched from the brook of Egypt to the Euphrates, including all of Palestine, all of Transjordan, Egypt up to the Nile including Cairo, 2/3 of Syria, 40% of Iraq, the southern tier of Turkey, up to and encapsulating Kuwait.

The Zionists were awarded 55% of the most fertile land.

Every major Zionist spokesman talked about eliminating the Palestinians. It was no secret, though an uncanny amount of people today do not seem to know about it.

The Kermit report stated "We will use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and cutting off all social services to rid Galilee of its Arab population."

Moise Dayan talked about how the geography books were changed. Records of the villages and towns no longer exist.

It was through the Hidden History of Zionism that I first learned about the Nazi/Zionist collaboration and how the ordinary Jew had been duped by an unconscionable cabal of greed and power. Sadly, I might add, the rank and file Jew is still being duped.

I have tried, with my verbal velvet gloves, to speak with friends about this dire situation. Some are not interested. Some are afraid. Some think I have lost my mind. Most silence me. (My compliments to the brainwashers)

And so, I sit in a most unenviable position. I want to open the eyes of my brothers and sisters. I want to help my children learn of the sins of Israel and the important role it plays in the axis of evil....along with the U.S. and Great Britain. I want to alert my loved ones to the dangers of the Zionist behavior and how it is affecting our world. I want to wake up the ordinary Jewish person to the crimes that their leaders have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate. For, at the end of the day, the rank and file Jew is as expendable in the Zionists' grand scheme as the rest of the populace is. There is no safety in tribal banding together. It is only the truth which can set us free.

And yet, I have not found the vocabulary. Should I give up? Can I make a difference or am I merely trying to hold back a boulder?

The other night I watched a television special about Bob Dylan. I was struck by his youth and the profundity of his words. I felt myself drowning in a sea of nostalgia. Were those times as pure as they appeared? Were those times as idealistic as I remembered? Have I romanticized the hopes and dreams of the 60's? Perhaps........... but I doubt it. Of course we were dreamers, but we were dreaming of a wonderful world. We were dreaming of a world upon which we felt we could have a great impact. We believed in our dream. Do we still have vestiges of that dream as 300,000 people demonstrated in Washington, DC on September 24th, 2005?

And yet, as I look out on a world so precariously close to the edge, a world that appears to be hanging onto that withered branch that I know all too well, I can only ask "What in God's name has happened to us? "

Nowhere To Run (September 26, 2005)

Welcome to the dawning of the "Age of Endless Fear." If you have any doubt, turn on the television. According to the mainstream news, cells of Al Quaida are metastasizing daily. Keep vigilant folks. Keep your eyes peeled for non white people eating candy bars. After all, those innocent looking M&Ms may, in reality, be WMD's.

The computer offers no refuge. Sure, I get my daily share of "Hi, how are you?" letters; maybe even a joke or two and an assortment of dancing smiley faced icons. Frequently, there's a gullibility test from Nigeria as another Nigerian plea for money gets lost on its way to my spam folder. But ultimately, this relatively innocuous collection of missives drown in the sea of the ominous, a sea of impending doom.

Yes, my inbox is awash with feargrams. Have you bought your gas mask yet? Keep those flashlights in good working condition. Don't forget to have one of those radios that you can crank. And, while you are maxing out your credit card, be sure to purchase your survival kit. There's more to living than just water, canned goods and toilet paper, you know.

My inbox informs me that we are on the verge of World War lll. My mail alerts me that we are being poisoned by our pharmaceutical corporations. Each day a new, formerly considered safe, pill joins the parade of malevolent meds. The other day, Tylenol took its turn, as evidence was released that the once thought harmless drug may raise blood pressure. Directions: Adults, take two for a painless stroke.

Natural (or unnatural) disasters threaten constantly. And, of course, I receive a large dose of warnings about biological, chemical and germ warfare. Lately, there seems to be a great deal of squawking about The Avian Flu.

Call me foolish. Warn me about my lack of preparedness, but I just may have reached my saturation point. "The bird flu" may not be the past tense of "the bird flies," however, keep in mind that "the bird flies" rhymes with "the government lies."

On Wednesday, August 17th, Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News, was on Alex Jones' show. Jon talked about how the coming bird flu pandemic may indeed be a cover for something else.

Are you aware that, to date, there have been only 61 deaths from this dreaded, soon to be, pandemic? And yet, the press says that billions will die. Pass me my calculator. Math was never my strong suit, but something doesn't add up.

Mr. Rappoport informs us that this cagey epidemic could very well be used for something else. Is he right?

Germs are inherently unpredictable. You cannot predict how far they spread and how many people will be affected. And yet, since most people are afraid of germs, a "pandemic" lends itself to a cover story. The question remains, what, in actuality, are our leaders gearing up for? Could it be a chemical attack?

It is not a far fetched notion that the people intent on depopulation might use The Avian Flu hoax to stage multiple chemical incidents. Chemicals are much more controllable than biologicals and who would be the wiser?

The word "depopulation" is not in most people's vocabulary and the mere use of it puts a huge sign on the speaker, "conspiracy theorist occupies this body."

And yet, it was none other then Dr. Henry Kissinger who wrote: "Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World."
(after you, Doc)
http://www.illuminati-news.com/depopulation-bomb.htm. "The secret (now declassified) paper NSSM 200, 'Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests,' also known as the Scowcroft Document (authored by the CFR's Brent Scowcroft), gives insight into U.S. government plans for population reduction internationally, linking these plans to goals that have very little to do with alleviating human suffering, and everything to do with the maximization of profit."
http://home.iae.nl/users/lightnet/world/depopulation.htm "Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it"

Thomas Ferguson, the Latin American case officer for the State Department's Office of Population Affairs (OPA), stated, " The professionals aren't interested in lowering population for humanitarian reasons. ... We look at resources and environmental constraints. We look at our strategic needs, and we say that this country must lower its population-or else we will have trouble"

"Civil wars are somewhat drawn-out ways to reduce population, the Office of Population Affairs official added. "The quickest way to reduce population is through famine, like in Africa or through disease like the Black Death."

And now, we have The Avian Flu winging its way west.

"But have no fear," our rulers tell us. "Help is on its way." There's talk of a vaccine to combat this deadly Avian flu and we can thank Chiron. Chiron Vaccines is the world's fifth largest vaccines company and has its headquarters in Oxford, UK, with facilities located throughout Europe, the US and Asia.

Does the name Chiron sound familiar? That's because they were the wonderful folks who, not long ago, brought us a batch of contaminated flu vaccine. Isn't it comforting to know that help is on its way ?

Stories come and go. People have forgotten all about poor OJ as he tirelessly searches the golf courses up and down the West Coast for his murdered wife Nicole's killer. And so, it is not surprising that most "inquiring minds" have not devoted much gray matter to the story of the dead microbiologists. In fact, many people are not even aware that over 40 microbiologists have died since 9/11. We may never know why, but one thing is certain. It does not take Hercule Poirrot to figure out that there has been a mass murder of microbiologists. Could they have known too much? Could their wisdom have become a detriment to those in charge? Will we ever know? http://www.rense.com/general48/moredead.htm

As we gear ourselves up for The Avian Flu, I cannot help but recall the Ebola scare. How many people did Ebola actually kill? Records show that a couple of hundred died. Reportedly, these were people whose immune systems were already compromised. I guess the movie "Outbreak" wasn't prophetic after all.

Fear, fear, fear. It's enough to send the sale of xanax skyrocketing.

Many people are desperately scanning maps to see if relocation is the answer. Is there a place that is terrorist, tsunami, earthquake, hurricane and germ free? If you find one, please invite me for a visit. Until then, however, I will stay put. You see, friends, my occasionally accurate intuition tells me that there is nowhere to run and maybe, at the end of the day, there is nothing to run from.

"Where do you live?" People innocently ask.

"I live in Suffern, New York." I respond to what seems like a reasonable question.

"Are you suffering in Suffern?" (Oh no. Not that tired old line again)

"Now, I am," is a reply I keep to myself.

Suffern is a quiet little village filled with many escapees from New York City. It is only an hour away from the "concrete jungle," and yet it is clean and green. I left the city many years ago, when high rents told me it was time to relocate.

Life is much easier here. I awaken to the sound of the birds rather than the fire engines. I have made friends with the trees, the rabbits and the squirrels. There are beautiful mountain trails inviting my feet. The city may be a fun place to visit, but no longer would I want to live there.

Today I took a walk at my favorite retreat. It is called the Ramapo Reservation and it is my sanctuary. The trees provide me with shade to shelter me from the heat. A variety of animals greet me as I walk around the lake. I sit quietly by the stream as my thoughts disappear in the water.

The Ramapo Reservation whispers in my ear. Our planet abounds with beauty. For a brief time, I believe that all is right with the world. For a brief time, I remember.

Just Say "No" (To the Butcher Ariel Sharon) (September 16. 2005)

The Internet mailman brought me an interesting flier this week. The headline screamed:


The flier went on to announce a protest in front of the United Nations on Thursday, September 15, 2005. The reason for the protest was that Ariel Sharon was scheduled to speak, as an honored guest, before the General Assembly as part of the "World Summit."

An honored guest?????? On the twenty-third anniversary of the killing of thousands of Palestinian refugees at Sabra and Shatila camps in Lebanon under Sharon's watch, is this what we are honoring? What an outrage!!

Why are we honoring a man who was responsible for the massacres of thousands of Palestinians and Lebanese? Why are we honoring a man who is dedicated to Palestinian eradication?

UN Resolution 194 guarantees all Palestinian refugees the right to return, and yet, Ariel Sharon refuses to implement this resolution. In addition, he has turned a deaf ear on countless other resolutions denouncing the Zionist occupation of Palestine. Ariel Sharon has continued his decades long campaign of brutality against the Palestinian Arab people.

So why is this man speaking at the UN? Why is he an honored guest? Was it because Joe Stalin had a previous engagement?

The flier continued, "From Qibya in 1952 to Sabra and Shatila in 1982 to Jenin in 2002, Ariel Sharon is a butcher and a war criminal who should be on trial at the Hague, not speaking before the General Assembly of the United Nations."

And so, on Thursday, September 15th, I joined approximately 70 other people at Dag Hammerskjold Plaza, across the street from the United Nations. Several members of the ultra orthodox Jewish group, Neturei Karta stood by our side wearing buttons that said "A Jew not a Zionist." They handed out fliers condemning the state of Israel and the suffering of the Palestinian people.

We stood side by side, Palestinian Arabs, Jews and Christians chanting together.

"New York says 'NO' to Sharon"

"Sharon - terrorist; Israel -terrorist"

A group of 10 opposing Jews gathered across from us waving a small American flag and yelling incoherently. They had a sign which stated "Gaza surrender endangers lives."

"WHOSE lives, gentlemen?

Anyone who bothers to look beyond the histrionics of the Gaza disengagement knows that it is just another attempt at "pacification." It is a myth; a pretext. It is a charade like the Camp David Accords, in which the Israeli's are portrayed as generous and the Palestinians are depicted as too demanding.

So what is really happening? Emily Gharabally writes in Al-Awda, a newspaper of the voices of resistance, that Gaza remains an open-air prison. Israel will continue to serve as an occupying power maintaining military and economic control. Gaza's airspace, coastal waters and even international borders will continue to be controlled by the Israelis. Access to Gaza's natural resources such as water, gas, electricity and fuel will all be controlled by the Israelis, forcing Gazans to do business through Israel even when Israel charges the Palestinians among the highest trade prices in the world. A community with poverty rates close to 70% becomes indebted to the very state that created such a hazardous economic situation.

Al-Awda chillingly emphasizes that Zionist military forces will surround the borders of Gaza, ready for an attack at any time, and, pledged to assault the Palestinians of Gaza in yet another attempt to stifle Palestinian resistance; this time without the presence of Zionist settlers to concern themselves about.

It is truly amazing that the Palestinians have resisted and struggled for liberation despite over 57 years of assaults upon their existence. They have withstood home demolitions and bombing raids. And, most importantly, let us not forget that the construction of settlements in an occupied territory should never have occurred in the first place. However, the colonization of Gaza is only one segment of the overall illegitimate colonization of Palestine.

Forgive my ignorance, but I have never been able to figure out how one group of people can lay claim to land that another group of people is inhabiting. (Perhaps, if he were available, Chris Columbus could explain this to me)

I used to teach piano lessons in scenic Saddle River New Jersey. For those of you who are not familiar with Saddle River, visualize mansions with swimming pools, tennis courts and ample acreage; opulently obscene.

I wonder what would have happened if one day I had walked into a home with a scroll of parchment on top of my sheet music. What if I had presented my student's parents with the scroll and told them that God had given me their mansion and that their family had to relocate. "After all, it says so right here on this paper, in God's very own handwriting."

Is that the way things work? Do the people with the biggest weapons get rewarded with land? Do the people with the smallest consciences get rewarded with land? Survival of the shiftiest?

The human race is over and the winner is depravity. Fema workers can get away with singing repulsive jingles in New Orleans as they cheer on the death and drowning of their Black brethren. (yes, boys, I said "brethren" as in "What you do to the least of My brethren, you do to Me.")

Recently, Pat Robertson, who is known to some as a "man of God," suggested that America should murder the President of Venezuela. Er Pat, you might try checking that book you thump. I am sure that somewhere inside, it says, "Thou shalt not kill." I am sure that somewhere inside, it says "Love thy enemies." Please do not misunderstand me, dear readers. I do not consider Hugo Chavez an enemy, but obviously "Pious Pat" does. What confounds me is why Pat has not, as of yet, been institutionalized. I certainly know a terrorist when I see one.

We have entered a new period of darkness on Planet Earth. American Imperialism appears to be the fastest spreading disease on the planet. People are afraid to venture into certain areas of discussion. Fear of reprisal has whited out The First Amendment.

Look around you. Listen to the comments of your fellow Americans. Racism is not an endangered species. Criticism and hate speech are alive and well. It merely depends upon which group is the recipient of your comments.

If you express your desire to kill Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghanis and Iranians, go right ahead. Uncle Sam wants YOU !!!!

Copyright Judy Andreas 2005